Halloween 2011

My skeleton and my “minja” were pretty cute in their store-bought costumes, and they had a fun Halloween. We had our ward Trunk of Treat on the Saturday before Halloween (an event put on by the primary, well-attended, but totally exhausting for me) and went trick of treating with cousins on the real holiday.

Halloween 2011

Several times Paul told me he thought the boys were cute but that he was nostalgic for the homemade costumes. It seemed that Red felt a little loss with the store-bought costume, too, asking once or twice whether I thought I’d be able to make costumes again.

I was feeling pretty good about next year’s Halloween. I recomitted myself to start early with the costumes and really have fun with tthem. It wasn’t about proving anything to anyone, it was just something that I enjoyed and that my family appreciated. Yes, next year I’d be back.

The day after Halloween Paul and Blue went for a walk to the local Halloween store to check out their after-holiday deals. Paul’s always on the lookout for wigs and moustaches and other costume-stuff for ACME. He came home with a bag of loot, including a costume for Blue for next year. I think the days of homemade costumes are over. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sad. (Adding injury to insult, the price wasn’t even that amazing.)


5 Responses to Halloween 2011

  1. onemorequirk says:

    what a lovely brood of monsters, and one minja you’ve got there. 🙂

    maybe those days are not over. there’s no rule that says you can’t have more than one costume on halloween.

    but if you mean they are over because time dictates, then i would feel a touch of sadness for that, too.


  2. Kiersten says:

    I also love making my kids’ costumes but I will say that it was so nice to just let them choose from the dress-up bin this year. London dressed in a different costume for each different activity (3 different costumes). Ashton stuck with the jack-o-lantern. The same one I wore a number of times all those years ago

  3. Karen says:

    Well, I think it’s safe to say that the kids will have fun at Halloween whether their costumes are “made” or “bought”. So am I right in thinking that what you are really saying here is that you wish you could be Supermom and make all the costumes every year?. Well, even at Halloween there’s no such thing as Supermom, so maybe you should give yourself a break. The costumes in the picture are awesome. The kids are awesome. Enjoy it!

  4. mcinsane says:

    I can understand your feeling sad. I love to do a family theme every year. However, my kids don’t always want to do the same thing and sometimes they just want to be what THEY want to be. So, I compromise, for the big event (usually trunk-or-treat) we do our family thing, and for whatever else they do and school or whatever, they can choose. It kind of works out!

    Your boys look great, even if they are store bought!

  5. Alyson says:

    I used to make costumes until the boys got in school. Occasionally I get ONE in but most of the time I just don’t have the time or energy. This year Tweedle E got a costume and he’ll have to wear the heck out of it because I got 4 years out of Tweedle D’s. Next year Tweedle D needs a new costume. Tweedle 3 will get to be Robin Hood because he is now old enough to enter the rotation of the previously made costumes.

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