We are having a quiet, lazy morning. I’ve puttered, but mostly I’ve given in to the slowness of it all. I sat at the piano and played one of my old Beethoven Sonatas (Opus 14 No. 1,) allowing the week and the day to set into the music. It’s true with music that what you feel as you play will come out in the music. I used the music to guide my thoughts, and my emotions to guide the music. The second movement was the most profound it had ever been. I stopped playing when I have finished the second movement, to let those feelings resonate within my heart. My heart is large and my emotions are tender, but I am calm. I will not play a final movement, nor will I play anything else this morning. It takes maturity and a little bit of vulnerability to open your heart and allow the music to move you and change you. I want to take this with me throughout the day. This is the mood I desire as I teach my children again why I wear the poppy. And as we walk through the Getty, I hope to open my heart to the emotions stirred by the art, as well.


2 thoughts on “Resonate

    1. The other one will be up in a day or two — trying to space out my posts since I don’t post regularly. Can’t very well post multiples in one day and then have a big long drought, can I? 😉

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