The Key to a Happy Marriage

I actually made it to book group this month. We had a great talk about “Nothing Daunted” and passed out the new book, “For One More Day.” It’s a beautiful book, and short. I finished it somewhere over middle American but enjoyed it and will likely reread it on the flight home.

At one point the mother gives her son advice prior to his wedding. “You need to love three things,” she says. “You need to love yourself, you need to love your spouse, and you need to love your marriage.” Sometimes things get tough and you don’t always love yourself or your spouse, and you don’t want to continue, but you can still love your marriage, and you can hold on to those happy memories until things get better.

Her advise resonated well with me as it represents much of why I love returning to Michigan. I have many happy memories here, from our engagement, our honeymoon, and many many holidays spent here. Because we visit here on holiday we are much more relaxed, and thus nicer to each other, making the memories happier and sweeter. It’s easy to remember hurtful words, a perceived lack of support, and an endless list of other slights. It’s more important to remember the reason you married, and the happy moments. We can choose how we remember the past, and it is in doing so that we write our own future.

I have had a beautiful past with Paul, and I know that we have an eternity of happiness ahead of us. I hope that we spend a lot of time returning to Michigan to walk the paths of our happy memories as we create new memories.

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