Morning Prayer

Please —
Please bless me with confidence
that I can support him
through this trial
better than I have with previous trials.
Make me the wife
he needs right now.

Please —
Please bless me to keep perspective
that I can still make merry
for the children.
Bless me that I will create happy memories
for them
that they will be spared
from what I feel inside.

Please —
Please make me strong.
Please help me to keep
priorities straight
and that I won’t give in
to the pressures
of stress,
of worry,
of helplessness.

Please —
it is my job to keep things running
and running normally.
Please make me the person I need to be:
mold me, shape me.
I know this requires going through the fire
and I am ready.
Please, do with me whatever is required
that I can serve them, love them, and support them.

and please,
let this season of refinement be briefer than this season of joy

2 thoughts on “Morning Prayer

  1. I just saw on Facebook what has happened. It just seems so wrong. I am so sorry this situation has become a part of your life again. Words fail.

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