The Mighty Winds of Change

Hurricane-force winds blew through Southern California with so much force yesterday that everyone sat up and took notice.  They toppled trees and power lines, created widespread damage, and directly impacted everyone. In the morning Paul left for a client visit and returned home minutes later, announcing that he had had to cancel his appointment because he was being laid off. (I thought he was joking, because I always think he’s joking.  But it was true: the office had called and said, “how important is this appointment? Can you cancel and come into the office?” Paul doesn’t mess around. He asked point blank “am I being laid off?” No one else knew in advance, not even his own boss, who was also part of the masses let go yesterday.)

He said it felt as though he was jumping off the Titanic. The winds pick up as the day progressed. Paul purchased a new phone and finally by the end of the day he and he former boss were able to connect and commiserate.  We removed our wreath from the door before it blew away.  We battened down the hatches and went to bed.

We had gale-force winds all night; most of our friends and neighbours couldn’t sleep. Our doors and windows rattled and since they aren’t well-fitting or sealed there was a good deal of shaking going on inside, but our home stood strong and we slept well.

The neighbourhood has been transformed. In addition to all the leaves, branches, and trash cans that are scattered everywhere, there are some very mature trees that didn’t survive the night. Many people have damage to their homes and cars. More than any other time when we have faced unemployment, I am full of optimism. We are happy to not be on a sinking ship anymore. We have small savings that will tide us over for a little while. Paul has many prospects. Our world may not look the same when this storm is over, we may have some downed power lines and trees, but we will be fine, just as we were last night. This mighty wind of change is just what we need, and I’m excited to see what our world will be next.


3 thoughts on “The Mighty Winds of Change

  1. Nathan got that wind when he was flying to Lubbock tonight. He said it was like flying over a washboard road the whole time! It’s hitting here in El Paso too. Our windows are rattling and the baby keeps moaning in his sleep every time a good gust goes through. I hope all the kids sleep!

    I’m really happy that life is at a point for you where a layoff isn’t too terrifying. Ya know, we were kinda in the same boat with Nathan’s last layoff–it hit at a good time, if there ever is one. And WOW, has that layoff led to better jobs and a brighter future for us! I hope Paul’s perfect job is lurking there just out of sight and y’all are able to find it quickly. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I like what you did there, the wind, the change. So glad your prospects are healthy and you are so optimistic. May the winds of change bring nothing but good!

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