Incredible Lightness

Everyone wants to talk about the layoff. The conversation usually begins with a very sombre, “I heard about your bad news,” although often I realize I’m the one who has to bring it up because my friends are not good gossips and aren’t spreading the news. Then the tone is much different. “Oh!” I exclaim, “you didn’t hear: Paul was laid off last week.” Everyone wants to express their condolences, but I’m here to set the record straight.

There are only two appropriate responses to our situation right now.

#1. “CONGRATULATIONS!” We are excited for whatever the new change will bring. We are confident we are on to bigger and better things and know this brings us closer to our goals. We have no fear because there can be no faith where there is fear. We’ve been here before. We know we aren’t going to die, and we know our marriage can survive. The rest doesn’t matter. Change is good. We welcome congratulations (also prayers and referrals, we’re not stupid, after all.)

#2. Compliment me on my new glasses. It took me all day to realize that the layoff happening on a Wednesday morning instead of Friday afternoon was so they didn’t have to pay for insurance for December. It wasn’t until after Paul’s former boss mentioned that he and his wife were rushing to get new glasses that I remembered that I hadn’t taken advantage of our vision insurance and it would end that day. Normally I don’t like the attention I get with a new haircut or new glasses or something, but I feel so happy, so light, that I don’t even mind. So go ahead, tell me that you like my new glasses, that I look fashionable or that they really bring out my eyes. (But only mention my eyes if it’s a day I’ve actually bothered to don makeup.)

There are a multitude of angels cradling our family right now. We are so deeply blessed. I’m so happy I can hardly stop smiling. I know that we are fine and I know that God is watching out for us. I have no fear, only faith, only optimism. Life is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Lightness

  1. You are so incredibly amazing!! You have such a great outlook on life! I vow to become more like you! And, if I got to see you, I would be sure to mention how bright and beautiful your new glasses make you whole face look!

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