All is Calm, All is Bright

Our computer has been unable to complete updates in a year. Now that Paul has had some time on his hands, he spent the day (and much of yesterday) on the phone with Dell Support and we are finally up to date! Will I get caught up with all my online stuff? Probably not. I shall blog instead.

Other than fixing the computer, today was a really great day. The morning was scheduled as discretionary time, and as I was unable to get any visits done I happily decided to stay home. I made a lengthy mental list of things to do, but after playing Legoes with Blue nothing on the list seemed important or even memorable. (I did, however, wash the kitchen blinds. Yuck. Remind me not to go so long next time.)

At noon we went to the school for the combined Italian recital. The children were absolutely darling and it was very touching to see how the group has matured. The first batch of children -including Red!- are taller and little ones just keep on coming! Next year, Blue will join the mix. I am a little verklempt. Post recital we had a potluck and I got to talk with many of my favourite people while eating delicious food. With the school politics and playground politics and the job search I had lately been feeling like it was time to leave and I would have no regrets or nostalgia. After our few blissful hours at the school I came home renewed, reenergized, and re-encouraged that things could work out here and staying here would also be a good thing. Red will be fine if we stay, and Blue may be in a class much larger than I would like, but I, and many of my friends, will also be in that class helping out. I was positively floating when we left the school, so renewed was I in my faith in our situation.

I feel so peaceful with our lives right now. I have no anxiety regarding the job search, and after today I have no anxiety regarding the school situation. Red is navigating himself out of a bad situation and learning all sorts of skills in the process. He’s going to be fine. Blue is picking up Italianish and regardless of whether he’s able to learn Italian through immersion as Red has, he’ll be a linguist. I’m so contented with my life that I’ve had a hard time posting my celebration of Festivus and the airing of grievances. I want to post them, but I’m afraid they’ll come off differently than intended.

So goodnight to you, dear friends. I hope you are as calm as I.


7 thoughts on “All is Calm, All is Bright

  1. So nice to be at peace! And I love that you’re going to post your celebration of Festivus and theairing of gievances. I need to pull out that episode and watch it this season! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I am so happy that you are able to be at peace with everything – I love when Heavenly Father blesses us with that – it makes bearing the trials so much easier. You are in our prayers. 😀

  3. Hey, I’m back. You know, when you delete things, they stay in your RSS feed as is. But if you edit them, others only see the edited version. It’s probably better to edit than delete.

    Sometimes the removal of things leaves interesting and informative stories behind, though.

    1. Didn’t delete — moved it to private.
      I decided that while I wanted to celebrate Festivus, I didn’t think anyone needed to actually know my grievances. Especially since I had to work really hard to make my list! With the exception of the heat, these are very old grievances that I posted because no one who reads my blog anymore was mentioned. But I still felt it too harsh.

      1. Ah, I see now. I need to visit the actual blog more often. Just clicking through to the post gives a slightly different story.

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