Homemade Christmas 2011

Last Christmas, when my mother-in-law saw the nativity set I made for my brother-in-law and his family, she called us several times to tell us how much she loved it and would I ever consider making another one? I told her flatly, “no” because getting that project done (and on time) nearly killed me.

In January I had a change of heart. I realized that she had given me the greatest gift, letting me know with plenty of advance notice what would be her perfect Christmas present. How often do you know that you can give your mother-in-law exactly what she wants? THAT was a gift to me. And by starting in January I’d have enough time to complete the project without going crazy.

Amigurumi Nativity

In fact, I finished with enough time to make a set for my own mother. (I said to Paul, “why is it that I always do the best stuff for your family, but not mine?” He replied with, “Good question. Why do you do that?” So I began Mum’s set, which I also finished in time.

Amigurumi Nativity

After a search made short because I have very helpful friends I found the perfect storage box for the sets.

Nestled Together in Gift Box

2012 will be the year I crochet my own family’s nativity. I’ve already purchased the box, just the same but a little bigger as I think I’ll add a shepherd to the set, and maybe another little lamby.

The other element of homemade Christmas was the snowflake, 2011 version:
2011 Snowflake

I did make my brother-in-law a scarf, but as it was black photos wouldn’t have done it justice.  The best part was that the yarn I used was a blend of bamboo and silk — it was the softest I’d ever felt!

And I am working on something for myself.  If I finish before the New Year I will call it my Christmas gift.  *fingers crossed*

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