Out with the Old

Albeit a few days late, the boys and I celebrated Boxing Day today. We dumped all the baskets and methodically sorted out toys to give away. Our entire home is a cluttered mess so this is only a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done, but it was a great start. The boys were, for the first time ever, able to separate themselves from their fond memories.  Yes, this toy has been a great toy with years of memories, but we don’t need it anymore.  I’m so proud of them because that is a very difficult sentiment and requires a lot of maturity.

We encountered a few difficulties along the way, however. There were many toys we’d have loved to pass on, beloved sets of stuff we no longer use, but because of the huge number of younger children in our home every week we have to hold on to them and try to not let them become part of the clutter.

All in all, I think we did well.  It was such a good feeling to be finally rid of these things forever underfoot and no longer loved.  Fortunately I was feeling good about our efforts, those good feelings helped to bolster me from the sharp sting of anguish I felt when Paul came in with the mail announcing that our rent has been increased.  I’m having a hard time convincing myself that waking up in a warm bedroom was worth an extra $50 every month until forever.  Maybe we shouldn’t have reported the broken heater, and just dealt with the pervasive chill (especially since our downstairs is so drafty that heater or not I’m always cold.)

But we’re taking bags of stuff to the thrift store, and that is a good feeling.  I need to keep thinking on the positive.

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