Ringing in 2012

I’m a pretty boring New Year’s date. Usually Paul and I settle in to a movie and I fall asleep before midnight. He nudges me to wake me up when the year switches over, we wish each other a happy new year, and I roll over and go back to sleep. This time, determined to stay awake, I puttered around during the movie. We watched the original “True Grit” (yes, we’ve seen the new version) and were both awake at midnight. Hooray!

After church yesterday we spent the whole afternoon and evening at Paul’s brother’s home. Eleas and I both expressed our gratitude that this year they have early church; last year when they didn’t get out of church until 4:30 it made our family dinners short and crazy. Yesterday was luxuriously slow and relaxed. (The downside? That’s double the hours of eating.)

Today we are finally going to the Natural History Museum, Red’s birthday present from my Dad. (Nope, Dad wasn’t slow, we are slow.) I do plan on some big de-cluttering projects around here, but that’s not more important than going to the museum with my amazing family.

I believe that 2012 will bring big changes to our family. The most obvious change, of course, will be whatever our new job is. We’ve got some good leads right now, but I’m not saying anything until we have a contract; I’ve been here before and raised my hopes prematurely. If any of the leads we’re balancing right now pans out, there will be changes.

I’m ready. Are you?


2 Responses to Ringing in 2012

  1. onemorequirk says:

    I’m really excited about this year. I am back on track, and feel hopeful and motivated. It’s a nice change.

    I’m a boring date on New Year’s, too. I had to be woken up for the ball drop, but in fairness, I’ve been sick. That, too, has passed. 2012 is mah year, yo!

    Good luck on the job hunt! I know it will work out perfectly.

  2. feathersky says:

    Good luck on the job hunt! I can’t wait to hear what works out!!! Its going to be a great year!

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