2012 Resolutions

For family home evening last night we talked about resolutions. We each shared one goal that we would like to accomplish that would make us better people.

Red started out by telling us that his goal was to buy every lego set in the whole wide world. He would do so by taking a grown up job for a year and saving all the money. He cares nothing for child labour laws. Having all the legoes in the world would surely make him a better person. After a lot of pressure to think of something smaller and achievable he settled on reading the whole Book of Mormon before his baptism.

Blue took no time at all to think. He and I have been talking for months that in the new year we would work together to help him stop sucking his thumb. Last night when it was his turn to share his goal he immediately said he would stop sucking his thumb this year. So far we’ve been low-key about it, but as I remind him he is quick to remove his thumb and dry it. (“Thumbs up” is a good trigger word for him without drawing the attention of his playmates.)

I informed the family that I would like to walk at least three times a week. This will make my body healthier and it will keep my moods high.

Paul has resolved to take the family on a family vacation. I have a few ideas, and the boys shared some suggestions, but Paul remained mum on locations or timelines, repeating only that his goal was to take the family on a family vacation this year.

As a family we want to be more conscious of our space, and be better at picking up after ourselves. (My part: dishes before I go to bed instead of when I wake up in the morning.)

Here’s to being better people one step at a time! Here’s to a great 2012!


7 Responses to 2012 Resolutions

  1. feathersky says:

    Awesome goals!!! Hey, buying all the Legos in the world is right up there with Jenacy saying she’ll buy a horse. She wouldn’t change her answer though lol!

    oooo–can’t wait to hear what the vacation plan is!

    We need to get on the ball with people picking up after themselves around here too. This really wasn’t a big a problem at all in our last house. I don’t remember the last house getting as trashed as this house gets all the time! I think the flow of the house has something to do with it…and a toddler. This house just gets messier faster than the old house and it’s definitely not all Wesley’s fault!

  2. Karen says:

    Great goals all. Even the Lego one. Though I agree it’s much better to find something on a smaller scale that is achievable.

    • Zen Mama says:

      I mean, having all the legoes in the world would certainly make us better people, but it would take a long time and we shouldn’t bite off more than we can chew, right?

      Oh — forgot to tell you thanks for the reminder to add Christmas crackers into my family traditions. The boys absolutely loved it when we did it and begged that we can make it a new tradition for our family. Thank you.

  3. feathersky says:

    oh yeah! I forgot to add that Red’s BOM challenge is awesome too! Maybe this will help him keep track: http://www.sugardoodle.net/Book%20of%20Mormon/BOMChart.pdf
    (its kinda cutesy…maybe he wont mind)

  4. mcinsane says:

    Great goals! Good luck!

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