Life is a Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act: you need to dream, but you need to find peace with your current situation. You need to be an optimist, but not at the cost of ignoring reality. You need to work for more without beating yourself up about where you are.

Some days are hard. Saying, “I’m having a bad day” doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly changed your view of the world and have become a pessimist. It doesn’t mean that the universe has let you down or that you are letting down those whom you love and support. It just means you’re having a bad day. It just means that today is difficult. However, by saying “a bad day” you’re also recognizing that tomorrow will be better. It keeps the negativity temporary. It keeps balance.

In the scheme of enternity this is such a small moment. You can be strong for a short time, knowing that it is temporary.

Be an optimist. See magic, joy, love and beauty in everyday situations. Learn to appreciate those perfect moments when the children are getting along or the food came out perfectly. When you find those moments, hold on to them. They will carry you through the harder moments, helping you to wait them out.

Those perfect moments are fleeting, but so are the difficult ones. Let yourself feel the pain and frustration that comes, but then allow yourself to release that pain and move on. Don’t let the sadness linger longer than is needful. Grab hold of the happy moments, cleave unto them, and allow them to elevate your soul to a place above and untouched by the pain below.


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