Last night as soon as supper was over I was cleaning the table to prepare for skyping with my Dad. Paul was in the kitchen doing the dishes. I went in to thank him for doing the dishes and he replied that he wanted to work on our turkey (two holidays later) and needed to get the supper dishes out of the way.

“Oh, I just thought you had resolved to be more helpful with the cleaning.”

“That’s really cute that you thought I think that much about cleaning,” he replied.

3 thoughts on “Dishes

    1. Oops, sorry. I meant he was prepping the turkey for the night before cooking. I think he was brining it? I don’t remember. I’ve changed it in the post, thanks for catching that!

  1. Haha so typical. Good thing he clarified, you would have been hanging on to a hope in the future that it would happen again, when it really didn’t happen in the first place.

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