Cramming for Final Exams

I’m back on my non-fiction bandwagon. It’s not that I don’t enjoy fiction, but deep down I’m much more of a pragmatist than an escapist. Fiction is escapism for me, non-fiction is something I can use.

It isn’t that I can’t think for myself or that I’m actually clueless about parenting; I like to think that I started this journey with a pretty good bag of tricks, thanks to being the oldest of nine children and being a schoolteacher, but that doesn’t mean I’m an expert.  Believe me, I still have a lot to learn!  It isn’t that I agree with everything I read in every book, either, but I find that in reading different philosophies I better refine my own.  Sometimes I read things and think quite clearly “no” but other times I read things that give me pause, and I have to try it out in my mind to determine what I really think.

The things is, the more I read, the more I think about parenting, and the better prepared I am to prayerfully handle situations with my own children when they arise.  Right now I’m filling my mind with good ideas, ready whenever I need them, my own bag of tricks.  These boys are so special, so sweet, so wonderful, and I need to be at the top of my game if I don’t want to mess them up.  I will not be the one who lets them down or breaks them down.


One Response to Cramming for Final Exams

  1. feathersky says:

    I love your first paragraph. That describes me to a T! I read fiction to the kids. Non-fiction is for me 🙂

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