An Annoying Compliment

Update on our local lead: Paul had great phone and in-person interviews with the recruiter before Christmas and she left it at “the next step will be in about three weeks.”

He called yesterday to follow up with her, and to put a little pressure on “there’s this other job … I won’t be around forever …” and she called back this morning.

He is still the only qualified applicant she has found.

That would be a good thing except that part of the contract when companies hire recruiters is that recruiters find, interview, screen, and then present a pool of qualified applicants. She can’t take Paul to the next level until she’s met her quota of candidates to present.


4 Responses to An Annoying Compliment

  1. Karen says:

    Yeah, that’s annoying. But companies get what they ask for. If they want to fill the job from a “pool” of applicants — rather than finding “a qualified applicant” — that’s what they’ll get. Which is silly, because all they REALLY want is one good qualified applicant to fill the position.

  2. onemorequirk says:

    that’s stupid. it just is.

    “hey, i know. let’s NOT fill this position until we can find a whole bunch of guys NOT to fill this position with.” lame.

  3. feathersky says:

    That is so dumb!!!! :/

  4. mcinsane says:

    GRRRR!!! I hate the job world and the ‘rules’. It’s just plain stupid!!

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