Preschool: Robots

(part of the “Wall-E” unit)

Darth Tater and R2Pota2

As the children entered I had our potato head basket out. I use potatoheads a lot with the children because it’s such a versatile toy. We have components to make potatohead versions of Darth Vader, R2D2, Bumblebee from transformers, and more.

Reading Time
(identification of subject)

We began with “Katy and the Big Snow” by Virginia Lee Burton and followed with “Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel” also by Virginia Lee Burton. We talked about the machines and what makes them work. Once we had identified the difference between machines and robots we read “Star Ward the Clone Wars R2 to the Rescue” which I purchased this morning, surprised to discover that in my vast library I didn’t have a single robot-themed book, and since I was planning the lesson at the last minute I didn’t have time to wait for the library to open.

R is for Robot

I created a tracer page personalized for each child. When they were done with that they had a robot colouring sheet to complete while they waited for everyone to be done.

Build Your Own Robot

Using legos and duplos the children made their own robots. They also played with the Stacking Robots.

Play with Your Food

Using toothpicks and marshmallows the children made their own robots and ate them for snacktime.
Robotic Components
I laid this out in front of them and walked away. I just might be the coolest preschool teacher ever.

I had planned on playing with Blue’s remote control robot but it was out of batteries. I had also thought of the kids making their own robots with toilet paper tubes and other miscellaneous items but since I planned this lesson last minute I didn’t have time to collect the materials. This lesson worked smoothly from start to finish. Our group is down to three children and it was so much more manageable! Everyone had a seat, everyone had room to work, and everyone got along.

Of course, if I had money and time, we’d have made real robots. That would have been supreme.

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