The Storms of Life

Bad weather in our lives can come from numerous sources and there’s very little we can do about it. We can fortify our homes, shelter our families, and batten down the hatches, but we can’t control the duration, location, or severity of the storm. These storms can come from a variety of origins. Sometimes storms are true forces of nature, sometimes our storms are more metaphorical. Storms can come our way because of the agency of others (likewise our decisions may cause storms in other people’s lives, so tread softly friends!)  Storms can also come from the hand of the Lord.

Now before you get all upset, let me explain.  I do not believe that God says, “you need to be knocked down a few pegs, here, take this.”  I believe He is a very loving God and not a mean-spirited punitive one.  That said, sometimes it takes a little perspective to see it that way.  Sometimes, in His omnipotence, he will (literally or figuratively) drop us into the ocean and blow the winds to take us to a better place.  Those trips are no luxury liners, but seemingly endless tossing on the waves of the sea.  The scriptures are full of such stories (the Israelites several times, the Jaredites, and the Nephites, to name only a few) and if you look closely, our lives also have such stories.

Not all storms we endure are those wherein the Lord lovingly pushes us toward a promised land of good and plenty, but there are some which are.  Since the day Paul lost his job it has been very clear to us that this is exactly what is happening to us.  We were comfortable in our seaside village; we could make ends meet, Paul had a great boss, we were in a great school.  The Lord has tossed us into the sea because we wouldn’t have done so on our own.  It’s time for a change.  This is different than any previous stint of unemployment, this is a storm directed by God.  He is blowing us to our new life.  We lack the navigation equipment required to know where we will land, but we trust Him and are grateful for the care He has shown to us.

4 thoughts on “The Storms of Life

  1. Your outlook on said storms continually amazes me. Could you loan me a little of your perspective and peace for a bit? 😉

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