One Dry Day

I made it the whole day without crying. The trick was to just tell people “I’m not talking about this because I’m wearing mascara today” and then change the subject. As for the looks… well I just hid behind my purse. Anyway, it wasn’t easy, but it worked. I didn’t cry today. That’s a very […]

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The Contract

I made a deal with myself some time ago. I promised to live with intent. I vowed that I would make the most of wherever I was. I committed to live without regret. Most importantly, I decided, was that I would feel deeply. It has been a rich life, living in this way. I have […]

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Did you know that you can visit LACMA for free? You can. I do it not as often as I’d like. Read more in my new post on Cherry Blossoms.

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A Love Story

When cooking, we often refer to marrying flavours.  We take two separate foods and usually with heat and vigorous stirring the two flavours unite to become something new and different, but most importantly, cohesive.  If foods have opinions they’d probably prefer to be left alone, not bothering to undergo a chemical transformation, but the end […]

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It’s My Blirthday (tomorrow)

Tonight my life as a blogger completes another successful turn around the sun.  I celebrated perfectly. Today happened to have been a day off school and I spent it perfectly in every way.  I stayed in bed until 8am!!!!!  My homeschool family came over for their lessons after my leisurely morning and Red, home from […]

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Times and Seasons

You can’t take away your lungs and expect your body to function as it did before. They are a vital part of your well-being. For those of us who have dedicated our lives to learning an instrument, we can’t just suddenly not be a musician. Fooling ourselves into think we’re different than who we are […]

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