Good Things

I haven’t heard a single comment this time around about how I should get a job to help out with Paul unemployed.  Not one!  Boy am I relieved.  (The critics don’t need to know that with holidays and winter sickies I made more watching Aiden than I am right now…)

Also I’m very grateful that people who haven’t been through unemployment aren’t sharing all their unsolicited advice with me this time.  Last time it became almost more than I could bear.  This time “my people” have gathered ’round me, bolstered me, and reminded me that this is both temporary and normal.

(See, I can find the silver lining in everything!)


6 Responses to Good Things

  1. sleepyfrog76 says:

    Yay for silver linings!!

    Now… go get a job, you lazy housewife. And surely if you just pray and go to the LDS employment center classes Paul will have a job by next week. Sheesh. Don’t you know *anything*??

  2. mcinsane says:

    Definitely good things!! We are all in this together!

  3. feathersky says:

    I love that you seek out the silver lining 😀 I hope a job finds you soon!

  4. Karen says:

    So glad your people have your back. It’s what you need at a time like this.

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