The Parable of the BeyBlades

Even before you pull them apart to create your own beyblade it’s clear that each one is a little different. Some are tall, some are not, they range in features as well. My children quickly discovered which beyblade was the superstar of our stadium, handily winning most matches.

We took the talented toy up to the cousins’ stadium to compete and quickly discovered that our superstar was nothing special, but a taller, frequently ignored one came out the surprising winner. Again and again and again the results were the same. Our hometown hero paled in comparison to this walk-on underdog.

(People are the same, you know. In the right environment we each can shine, but in a different environment (someone else’s home stadium) we come up short. Put me under a car engine and I’d probably knock a few things out of place and put the oil in the washer fluid tank. Give my mechanic a piece of sheet music and tell him to teach it to a student and he’ll feel as lost and closterphobic as I under the car.)

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