The Contract

I made a deal with myself some time ago. I promised to live with intent. I vowed that I would make the most of wherever I was. I committed to live without regret. Most importantly, I decided, was that I would feel deeply.

It has been a rich life, living in this way. I have seen and done many things without inhibition and have felt unsinkable lightness. By living in this way I have embraced so much joy.

Part of the agreement is to allow my sorrows to have their time. I have cried an ocean in the past twenty-four hours and there are worlds of tears left to cry. I will make new friends, I will find new fun, and I will have joy. Knowing that doesn’t take away the sting of leaving all the beauty I created for my life here.

I’ll probably cry every day for the next two months. It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy about the move. I’m just allowing myself to feel the sorrow of separating from what I have grown to love.

Some of you may have to remind Paul and I am not unhappy just because I’m crying. I don’t think he quite understands.


3 thoughts on “The Contract

  1. I am always the same way, even when we just moved 7 miles up the road from Fredonia AZ, to Kanab UT. We crossed a state line, and still see our friends from time to time, but we aren’t part of that community anymore. I still miss some of it.

  2. Leaving behind a wonderful community and experiences aren’t easy, remember to take a peice with you, and leave a piece behind! I know you will find happiness and enrich lives around you, no matter where life takes you! You touched mine 16 years ago and you still enrich it no matter the miles between us!

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