Never Forget

If people go to the spa and sweat it out in a sauna to lose weight, then why haven’t I, who have cried gallons more than their perspiration, daily, why haven’t I lost weight? Last week was our final full week in California. Wednesday marked the beginning of the goobyes to the piano students.  It […]

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All mid-day activities have been temporarily suspended. This includes blogging. Packing has begun and my social life is getting in the way. See you on the other side. (Or, when I go crazy and need a break.) (Or if I find something that needs to be posted so I can discard the original.)

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Local (and UK) giveaway!

You probably already know how much I love the work of White Balance Photography. If I could afford it, I’d hire Ashley to document every family event ever. But since I’m on a budget I hired her only once a year for our family portraits. She’s awesome. Well, she’s feeling generous right now because she […]

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Lone Star

(I wrote this a long time ago and never got around to posting it…) When we left Virginia we knew that California was only a stop before we returned to the South. Paul said, “if this thing works out, you’ll have to make sure you never badmouth the following three things: beef, oil, and football.  […]

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It’s a tough thing to balance all the “one more time” activities with the responsibilities of cleaning and packing. Of course I want to fill my last month here will wonderful memories, but we won’t get out there if I don’t get anything done! Oh, and did I mention we’re going to reupholster our couch […]

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I’m On To You

Dear Friends, how can I possibly say no to any of your one-last-time activities before we move two time zones away? I can’t, plain and simple. But how am I supposed to get any packing done if I’m out playing with you wonderful people all the time. Oh … I get it. That’s the plan, […]

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This is Really Happening

I just wrote my letter to the landlords announcing our 30-day notice. I included my very final over-inflated rent cheque to them. It’s the closest I’ve been to happy to write a cheque that big, but there was a little bit of sadness, too. This place has been home for almost eight years. We brought […]

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