Not long ago I borrowed a book from a friend which she had referenced while we were at a museum months before, fictionalizing the story of Katherine of Aragon.  I was eager to read the story before I left. Tonight I’m pleased to announce that I finished the book.

For good measure I just logged an hour on wiki to see how the events differed from the historically-inspired fiction. Time well spent.

What was I supposed to be doing? Enjoying my life of leisure, right.


I’ll return the book in the morning and then it counts as getting something out of the house. Totally counts. I am awesome at this cleaning thing. So long as I’ve got another year before we leave I am right on track.


2 Responses to Decluttering

  1. Karen says:

    Your stellar achievements remind me of my own attempts at decluttering. (Also, please don’t return any books I may have sent you.) 😉

    • Zen Mama says:

      Are you SURE?!?!? 😉
      Yes, you are. You’ve made that quite clear to me over the years. For the record, I read them all (I think?) and am only saving one of them, the rest of the books you sent me I have passed along for others to enjoy. I am learning!

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