It’s a tough thing to balance all the “one more time” activities with the responsibilities of cleaning and packing. Of course I want to fill my last month here will wonderful memories, but we won’t get out there if I don’t get anything done!

Oh, and did I mention we’re going to reupholster our couch before we leave?

I’ve stopped volunteering in the classroom and today was my last preschool lesson. I sent our preschool table and chairs out with our friends as they left. *sniff* I believe that I will be released from my calling as primary president this Sunday. I am part of a musical number this Sunday and next.

Things are coming together, but there are a lot of things. Today I’m anxious. Today I discovered that some of our photo discs are incomplete, so several month’s worth of photos from when the boys were little are lost to the ages. It’s just one more thing.

So don’t listen to me stress out, go read my post about The Huntington. And if you didn’t see last week’s post about the Natural History Museum you should go read that.


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