Lone Star

(I wrote this a long time ago and never got around to posting it…)

When we left Virginia we knew that California was only a stop before we returned to the South.

Paul said, “if this thing works out, you’ll have to make sure you never badmouth the following three things: beef, oil, and football.  Also, Texas.  We need to be very clear that we are very happy to be there and hope to be worthy of the Great State.”

Paul called me after his first phone interview with the recruiter. Even though his phone had dropped the call and it took them a little while to reconnect, he felt the interview could not have gone better.  After two of his three final interviews the people conducting the interview told him they thought he was exactly who they were looking for.

Between the second phone interview and him flying out for the in-person interview, he decided it was time to let the boys know what was going on and that there was a possibility that we might move to Texas. We’d have a new place to live, and have to make new friends and go to a new school. Red was excited. He also asked if they were hiring Daddy to be a cowboy.

Despite how perfect Paul is for this position, it took 10 weeks from first interview to first offer.  (The final offer, after negotiations came through by the end of the week making it a 10 and a half from start to finish.)

I was blessed to have not felt impatient with this position, grateful for the pace and the time it allowed me to wrap my head around leaving.  It means Red (and I!) will no longer be part of that magical first Italian class.  It means that Blue will not participate at all in the only Italian immersion program in the United States.  It means I have to start over with my piano students and (worse) say goodbye to my current students.  It means that the friends I have vetted for the past seven years won’t be the ones co-raising my children with me.

As soon as the ink was dry I could feel my heart turning.  Yes, I am incredibly sad to leave my beloved friends and school and students.  I will continue to cry an ocean a day for the painful goodbyes that have begun.  But I am happy.  And while it wasn’t ever on my radar before I can feel myself loving Texas, and excited to move to Dallas.  It is home and we aren’t even there yet.

One thought on “Lone Star

  1. I’m sad and happy for you guys! I know the feeling of cross-country moves. Excitement and sadness. It’s rough!

    I wish you were close enough to visit! Stinks that you’ll be in the same state and still just as far away as you are now!

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