Discovering Los Angeles: Pacific Asia Museum

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


The Pacific Asia Museum was one of those places that, as soon as I was there, I kicked myself for not having gone sooner.  Located in Pasadena close to the 210 and with a free day the fourth Friday of every month, I had no good reason to not go.  It’s small as far as LA museums go, which makes it very manageable with the little ones, and it’s got a good balance between old and new, hands-on and observational.

We went for the Lunar New Year Celebration in January.  It was a major event!  The parking lot was filled with demonstrations ranging from arts and crafts to olympic sumo wrestlers.  We had a blast!  We practiced our calligraphy (and, uh, jedi art with calligraphy materials…)

We rang in the year of the Dragon with the dragon dance.

We made crafts, had our faces painted, and then went into the atrium of the museum to spend a few quiet moments watching the coi.

With the boys’ fun levels satieted I was able to enjoy some of the less interactive exhibits.  We hit up a few more festival tables, and left happy.  I was kicking myself for not going sooner, and can’t wait to go again.  Luckily, in addition to the free Fridays (fourth Friday of the month, remember?) they host Free Family Festivals during the year and tomorrow’s festival is Celebrate Creativity.  You should go.  Enjoy the festival, and then check out the other exhibits, too.


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