Never Forget

If people go to the spa and sweat it out in a sauna to lose weight, then why haven’t I, who have cried gallons more than their perspiration, daily, why haven’t I lost weight?

Last week was our final full week in California.

Wednesday marked the beginning of the goobyes to the piano students.  It was very difficult, but I am so grateful for the love the friendship that I have had here.

On Thursday Sarah took Blue and me to Mexicali one last time –gratis since she’s the wife of one of the owners!– and we watched the kids run around like they owned the place.  Then I had two more final lessons.

Friday morning we visited with Janel and Aiden who had come into town to bid farewell to us and a few other friends who are moving.  I spent the rest of the day frantically finishing up the party preparation.  Did I tell you I was planning a party the same week I was packing?!?

Saturday morning after another tearful goodbye, this time to my fairy godfamily (the one family to whom I travel for lessons) we set up for the party and in the afternoon we celebrated Blue and Bridgette’s combined 5th birthday party.  It was a lot to balance during the week, but I’m glad we did it.  It was a fun hurrah with our friends and it was nice to have these great memories of the party that Maria and I planned together.  (Party details and photos will come … from Texas.)
We raced home Saturday evening to get the boys ready for the final pajama party, only to show up and discover that it was a surprise party thrown by Jennifer and attended by all our school friends.  It was such a special night I can’t even write about it.  Days later I still can’t think about it without crying, I’m just so overcome by the love.

Sunday we tried to balance rest with sorting.

Today I pack.  I’m still teaching lessons today and tomorrow (I need the money!) but I really need to be done packing by tomorrow night, so it’s a bit of a mad dash at this point.  If I have to pull an all-nighter, I will.  I will do whatever it takes to be done Tuesday night.  Wednesday is Blue’s 5th birthday and I will not have it passed up because of the move.

4 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. I have a friend who actually teaches violin lessons over skype… If I ever move, I intend to try it out!

    I am sorry the move has been so hard for you, just look ahead to all the memories you will make in Texas!

  2. Moving out of state is so hard 😦 Good luck getting the rest of the house packed today! See you in Texas.

    (ok, so I won’t see you as you won’t be living any closer than you already are. But at least we’ll be state buddies haha)

  3. I’m so proud of you for doing all the packing and moving yourself. That’s how we have done it. However, lately, I have had friends and family that just *have* to have movers do it because it is such a long move, or they have so much stuff. I just don’t buy that! You are my kind of woman!!

    I’m sorry that you have to leave, that is just hard. But, I do know that you will make a great life in Texas too, because that is just the kind of person you are. I just learned of a friend from here who is moving to Dallas this summer too. Maybe, just maybe you will end up in the same place and through me, you might have an instant friend!

  4. I wish you guys the best lives ever in your new hood. I totally completely feel for you, and know hard it is to move, however, I don’t know how hard it is to leave 8 years in one place! You are going to leave behind some amazing people but good memories to bring with you! Good luck!!Good luck! Good luck!!

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