Haikus Across America

Family play day
Once a baby, now he’s five
Fun at Disneyland

Always miss Carla
Prayers for David and their kids
Rich for knowing her

Farewell to LA
The Land of the Long Brown Cloud
Love the memories

Watercolour views
Rear view mirror landscaping
Silver light sunset

When will the hurt stop?
Can the Canyon hold my tears?
Eastward, pioneer

Strong prairie winds blow
Scrubbing away my sorrow
Making room for joy

Gold grass, red mountains
A whole new colour palette
I am enchanted

Idling through the plains
Brake, do not accelerate
Will I use third gear?

Put the car in first
And ride the brake the whole time
Ad infinitum

Petrified forest
Welcome relief, three more hours
Long live the road trip

Open arms of friends
Human balm of Gilead
Rejuvenate me

Drove across the plains
The hundredth meridian
Marks my new life here

Tornado warning
Seek refuge in DQ fridge
Welcome to Texas

Tv, Internet
Register at Red’s new school
Beds delivered, swim

Carrollton, Texas
Suburban anxiety?
I can acclamate

Hey, spring, cut it out
Stop sucker-punching my friends
Mama said to play nice


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