Red’s Head

2/1/2012 “Mummy, I feel all better!” Like you can go to school now? “Uhhh, no. Just a little bit better.”

2/2/2012 As I was telling Blue to please don’t bug Daddy, Red piped in, “unless it’s an emergency, like throwing up, or bandits.”

3/5/2012 “Daddy, I feel like there are secrets that you and Mummy aren’t telling us.  Are you spies?  I thought I heard a fuzzy message.”

3/25/2012 said as part of the opening prayer in primary “Dear Heavenly Father, please help this primary to still be cool without me.”

3/31/2012 “Mummy, the sky looks fake.”  Oh?  Because it’s blue?

3/31/2012 “I have 16 or 17 pieces of pyrite.”  Why?  “Oh, you know, just in case.”

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