Making Partner

Not Paul (I wish!) but me! Some of you have noticed that I’ve been putting a lot more blogging energy into Cherry Blossoms lately instead of this beloved old blog. I am in no way putting this aside, but for reasons that aren’t mine to tell I’ve been working more over there. The good news […]

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Discovering Los Angeles: Travel Town

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   I challenge you to find a little boy who didn’t go through a train phase.  For that matter, most little girls and grown ups think trains are pretty cool, too.  That’s why Griffith Park’s Travel Town is such a gem for Angelenos.  This open air train museum draws people far […]

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I don’t want to shop at a store that sells half of the foods I like, I want to shop at a store in which I only recognize half of the foods. Fortunately for me, today I went to the Korean market. All is right in the world.

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Mornings at the Fitness Center

Mornings at the Fitness Center, a photo by Proud Mum on Flickr. We are making good use of all the equipment available to us. When our neighbour friend doesn’t join us in the morning Blue is still perfectly content while I exercise. We have a good routine going and I have only missed one day […]

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Back on the Hunt

I feel so much better after yesterday’s freak out. Thanks to Dylan Thomas and Pete Seeger I was able to paint a flaming eulogy to my urban homesteading dreams. I am new to the suburbs and I have a lot of stereotypes to break but I think I am up to the task. I’m ready […]

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Do Not Go Quietly

If we could afford a condo in the nice area downtown, I think that would be my first choice. If Paul could telecommute my second choice would be a ranch outside of town. Since neither of those are viable options the suburbs are our only choice and this house hunt has really hammered it home […]

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Kids Music Matters

(Cross-posted from my post on Cherry Blossoms.) My earliest music memories are two: I remember singing into a tape recorder “Away in a Manger” presumably to a grandparent somewhere, and I remember my “Baby Beluga” record.  I was very young, but not too young to sing about baby Jesus and what happens way down yonder […]

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Discovering Los Angeles: The Kids Club at the Americana at Brand and the Grove

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.   For many years my Tuesday mornings have been ubiquitous with the Americana in Glendale.  Rain or shine, on the green in good weather and in an indoor space in bad weather, I would be there with my short friends bopping along to live concerts and having an all-round good time. Membership in […]

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