Discovering Los Angeles: Pedersen Automotive Museum

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I don’t know if it’s a general boy thing or more limited to our family, but ever since my boys were aware, they have been fascinated with wheels.  They would army crawl over to the futon to play with the wheels on the underside, spinning them for a good twenty minutes (which is a huge stretch of time with babies!)  We could have opened our own store of matchbox and hot wheels cars, a collection which appears to breed behind my back because while I have gifted bags of beloved cars to friends, we still seem to have a multitude under foot.  Is it a boy thing?  Or is it that Daddy is a Detroit boy?

Whatever the reason, genetics or environment, we absolutely adore the Petersen Automotive Museum.  We have taken almost all of our out-of-town family to the Petersen when they have come to visit, and we are sure to catch their traveling mini exhibits when we can.  (The car show at the Americana, for example.)

The first two floors are an amazing array of wheeled transportation.  The vehicles, mostly cars, are old, previously owned by famous people, or otherwise noteworthy.  The collection is astounding and always a little different as pieces go in and out of rotation.

The third floor is your children’s reward for being so good.  I didn’t even know about it until we got there, and my boys were pretty happy just looking at all the cars.  The discovery center was a joyous bonus!

(The children’s room has some great physics setups, too, but I had a hard time getting a decent picture of my boys, when older than in these photos, were exploring that section.  The bigger they get, the faster they move.)
Check out the calendar for special exhibits and plan a trip to the Petersen!

Tell us:  Have you been to the Petersen?  Do you have a car collection at home?

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