Discovering Los Angeles: The Kids Club at the Americana at Brand and the Grove

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


For many years my Tuesday mornings have been ubiquitous with the Americana in Glendale.  Rain or shine, on the green in good weather and in an indoor space in bad weather, I would be there with my short friends bopping along to live concerts and having an all-round good time.

Membership in the Kids Club is free, and highly recommended.  Your children get a free kids club shirt and you get monthly emails of the schedule of events.  The list of performers who play the kids club is long enough that every week feels different, but short enough that when your favourite group comes back you still remember what they were like the first time.  I’ve discovered some real gems at these concerts, bought the albums, and listen to them almost daily.  Some of the bands let the kids dance on stage with them:

(Jeff Fuller of Egg singing directly to my little Blue)

Some of the groups bring along instruments for the children to play along:

(Blue and some friends jamming with Rhythm Child)

We even found one band willing to let my aspiring drummer take a bang at their kit during the break between their sets:

Every once in a while they bring out some face painters during the events and I get to go home with pirates.

In addition to a free concert in a beautiful setting, many of the retailers at the Americana offer kids club discounts on Tuesdays, called Kids Eat Free.  The list can change at any time so ask before you buy, but we’ve taken advantage of free kids meals with paid adult meal at several of the restaurants; Blue’s favourite treat was the mini Jamba Juice we’d get for free if I bought myself something; my favourite restaurant there is Granville Cafe.

(Blue with one of the singers of The Hollow Trees at the Halloween event)

The Americana Kids Club is a free, year-round event with special events at holiday times and many other weekly activities including yoga, story time, and the farmer’s market.  You do not want to miss it.  If you’re on the westside and The Grove is more your thing, the Kids Club is there on Thursdays.

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