Professional Development

Our lesson yesterday, in Relief Society (the women’s organization,) was on a woman’s ability to be the provider. It was a very great, inspiring lesson, and while I’ve already thought on that topic quite a bit in the past few years as we’ve gone through the ups and downs of our family finances, it made a few things more concrete.

I need to keep up with my own professional development.

I let my teaching certificate lapse when we moved to California. California didn’t have reciprocity agreements with any other state so my “good in almost all the states!” licence was of no good to me, and as I was home with baby Red, I had no interested in pursuing a CA licence. I continue to hope I never have to be a classroom teacher again.

What I want to do for pay for the rest of my life is teach piano. I’m good at it, and it allows me flexibility between my work life and my home life. But I am not keeping up my skills.

Ideally I’d like to get the remaining two years of my BA for a full degree in music instead of just an AA. Ideally I’d even get a Master’s degree, allowing me the option to teach at a college level if need be. Right now I don’t have the time or money to go back to school, and even if I did, I’m so out of practice.

I don’t practice piano.

Well, occasionally I can sit on the bench for an hour, and I realize how rusty I am, and I swear I’m going to do this daily, even if it’s just an hour, but the reality is that right now there are other priorities. Last year I probably averaged two hours a month of when my own fingers touched the keys.

What kind of piano teacher am I if I’m not playing the piano?

I know that I need to keep up my skills just as importantly as taking any professional development classes or going to conferences. In reading another blogger’s recap of the recent national music teacher’s conference she reiterated how often they reinforced how necessary it is for the piano teacher to keep practicing. (When I read that my face flushed and my ears burned with shame. I hate it when I’m not doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing.)

I need to practice. And I need to practice daily.

Or else I’ll need to find a new job.


10 Responses to Professional Development

  1. Kiersten says:

    I didn’t have that RS lesson yesterday but if you switch out piano for violin, I could post this exact same blog. Oh, except I do have a BMME in music and I have no desire to get a masters degree. I even did teach in California on an emergency credential, still with no desire to earn a California credential (I might as well get a masters!).

    • Zen Mama says:

      The first of the month is always a choose-your-own-adventure lesson, based on whatever the local leaders thing the class needs to learn, which is why you didn’t have the lesson!
      I knew if I posted my guilt and anxiety someone would be able to relate! Miss you! ❤

  2. mcinsane says:

    Piano AND trumpet! Just know that you aren’t alone in your lack of professional development. Maybe I should change my career to babysitting and house cleaning and efficient use of vehicles. That is the professional development I am doing.

  3. Lisa says:

    I second that you are REALLY good at teaching piano. 🙂

    Our Stake Conference theme resembled your RS lesson. It was about getting all the education we can whether young, older, man or woman. There was a big focus on the BYU-I Pathways program and Karen C. gave a wonderful talk on the subject. (She almost has me convinced that I could go back to school – just not quite yet)

    When the time is right, you’ll go back And when you feel the pull strong enough, you’ll make room for practicing.

    I love your “Choose-your-own-adventure” title for the 1st Sunday lesson. 🙂

  4. feathersky says:

    I hear ya. But…I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’ll totally start practicing when I figure that out. 😉

    • Zen Mama says:

      You’ll be awesome at whatever you do!
      Can you monetize homeschooling? If either you or Lisa figures it out … You know what, even if you don’t, you and Lisa should meet — you’d love each other!

  5. Lisa says:

    Yea for homeschooling! (and awesome Italian language immersion schools)

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