What are little boys made of?

The story of the gross-ness of boys always starts with infancy. No mother can forget the blowouts, the projectile vomitting, and the sheer pleasure they seem to derive in a big juicy burp. It graduates to self feeding, dipping peanut butter bread in water, and eating sand. Soon there are messes everywhere and you can […]

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An hour after we put the boys to bed Red came in and told me that he thought he heard police outside our apartment. I reassured him that maybe our neighbours needed some help but that we are fine so he should go to bed. After shooing him away I sent Paul to take out […]

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The playing children dilemma is like unto the sleeping baby dilemma. Disturb to feed or wait? I keep waiting for them to tell me they’re hungry, I bang around in the kitchen, etc. but they continue to play so contentedly that I dare not ruin the moment. I am hungry!!

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Half Truths

We all lie to our children. Here’s my latest: these little black boxes contain special food for the ants so they don’t have to march through our home looking for crumbs. Don’t judge.  I’m not proud.  They are fire ants and they are biting me.

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