Discovering Los Angeles: Descanso Gardens

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


There’s a place not far from downtown that can transport you to an ethereal sense that time no longer matters.  That place is Descanso Gardens.  Located just at the top of the 2 in La Cañada, Descanso Gardens is a place of refuge for human, plant, and animal alike.

How many animals can you spot in this shot?

This urban retreat consists of 160 acres of gardens, woodlands, and chaparral which were originally preserved by Manchester Boddy in 1953.  Horticulturalists observe the variety and take note, locals rejuvenate themselves on regular walks, children scamper.  You could arrange for a tour, or you could just grab a map and start exploring.

Blue explores one of the historic structures on the property.
A bee in the poppies, enjoying the day.

The gardens, for the most part, defy description.  I could tell you that I wanted to spend all afternoon in the Full Moon Tea House overlooking the gardens and ponds.  I could tell you how wild and ancient I felt among the Coast live oaks, depicting much of the Coastal Southern California landscape, pre-industry.  I could try to describe the different flower gardens, but there are not enough adjectives in the English language.

Blue navigates the maze in the children’s garden.

Be sure to hike up the hill and visit the Boddy house.  The view is stunning.  The home, in all its grandeur has been well-preserved and exudes graciousness.  It would be hard to not feel inspired up there.

Outside the Boddy House my dual-sabered companion poses.

There is always something new and exciting happening at Descanso Gardens from storytime to live concerts.  Check out their calendar of events and plan your escape!

A day well played.

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