Habit Forming

I have to remind myself as we are in the midst of thumb-sucking with Blue that this will not last forever. We’ve been through this before with Red (twice.) of course, in the middle of things it’s hard to keep perspective.

This time I’m not as discouraged as I have been before. It isn’t the end of the world that I’ve had to do this with both of my boys. They have the opportunity to learn at an early age two very important lessons.

1. Habits are powerful. Choose wisely which you adopt.
2. Although habits are hard to break it is not impossible. It takes hard work but you are stronger than your habit.

I’m quite certain that starting school is going to be a bit of a set-back in our progress, but we will not give up. Red is certainly a stronger boy for having overcome this and I know that Blue will be as well. It is a good reminder for all of us of the power of habits, and the power of will. Would that we all remembered it more often.

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