Foil Fix

I can’t explain it, but it worked. Last night I burned my thumb on steam from the tortilla I was cooking. I’ve burned myself before but this was easily the worst in twenty years. The cold water was no relief, nor was the fresh aloe. The ice pack was only a comfort when directly on my skin but not when I removed it and of course an ice pack directly on a burn raises it’s own concerns. I read about the foil method but was very skeptical. After a period of great discomfort I decided I would give this kooky idea a trial period and I wrapped my thumb in foil.
It worked. It was crazy and I felt like I should make myself a matching hat, but the pain dulled and before too long had completely subsided. When I awoke this morning I had forgotten all about it and I have no sign of ever being burned. Now, after exercising and a hot shower, I can very faintly see the area is slightly pinker than the surrounding thumb and a little shiny. Definitely the best prognosis I could have imagined.

Next time, though, I’m going to make the matching hat as well. Might as well, eh?

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