New Ward

Today is our family’s first Sunday in the new ward. Apart from the encounters we’ve already had with a member of the stake presidency who is in our ward, his wife the RS president and her first counsellor, and emails with the primary president this’ll be our first real meeting with our new extended family.

I guess that’s not entirely true. The boys attended the practice yesterday for today’s primary program and we meet a few people yesterday morning at the building cleanup. (Feeling pretty good about three cleaning assignments in the past year, one for each building in which we’ve worshiped.

So far everyone has seemed really nice. Not crazy but we will love them over time, and not pinwheel-eyed nice, but nice.

But I have pushed myself to the limits since we moved here and my body has finally had enough. I have not slept well, i have not eaten well, and i have worked at a frenetic pace for too long. Paul and the boys will attend our first Sunday while I stay home sick. Next week is stake conference so I guess it’ll be another two weeks before I meet people.


One Response to New Ward

  1. feathersky says:

    I ended up staying home today too because of Wesley’s stink eye & cold. Here’s to everyone getting better quickly!

    I hope the ward brings you brownies, you lost soul, you. 😉

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