Happy Halloween!

These were my first trick or treaters ever. We had a really great time and are so happy to be in this great neighbourhood. We’ve learned a few things for next year (one bag of candy instead of three) and look forward to many many years of this. It was also interesting to be back in a place where Halloween is not the biggest event of the year. While the major setups by professional set designers were lacking, this was fun in a homey way. I think it was the boys’ favourite Halloween.



4 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Lisa says:

    I was hoping for a Halloween post. They look great!

    It also made me happy to hear at how at home and content you are feeling.

    • Zen Mama says:

      Lisa, you’re quite right. I have not been a good blogger lately (not even on the other blog!) I will work on that.

      But yes, I am indeed quite happy. I catch myself sometimes when I’m driving or walking or doing something equally mundane, I notice that I’m wearing a huge grin. While I am normally an optimistic person this is new to me, this grinning thing. Life is good.

      • Lisa says:

        Umm, hello, I don’t even keep a blog. I just knew that your boys would be wearing something cute, and I was hoping you would post it. 🙂 I do miss those precious faces (and yours, too).

        Oh, and grinning is good.

  2. feathersky says:

    What a couple of cuties!!! 😀

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