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This is not the newsy post I promised, nor is it the post I wrote and rewrote and rewrote yesterday. Everyone is on edge, blowing other people’s words out of proportion. I don’t want my words to hurt. Inevitably if I wrote what I thought I would hurt someone. We have enough hurt. The words I want to say are the same on a post I didn’t write this summer but has been in my head for months. When I type them they aren’t enough to express how I really feel. I just want everyone to get along and love each other.


3 Responses to Enter Title Here

  1. aprilmommy says:

    I have actually been avoiding commenting on anyone’s posts anywhere on FB due to this issue… sigh. its hard when everyone has such strong opinions about things and can’t accept that their neighbor may not agree. I hope we all calm down again soon… I miss everyone.

  2. Karen says:

    It’s when things like this happen that I realize the vast gulf that separates two countries that share the same continent. There are times when I laugh at the differences, and times when I cry. I think it must be especially hard to have grown up in this country and moved south. It must be doubly hard to be a teacher. I don’t know.

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