New Year New You

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Resolutions?  Yep.  I’m a goal-making gal.  For the most part I’m a goal-keeper, too, although there are always a couple of pesky ones that slip away.  Some years they are small and simple (like the year when I was home all day and up all night with baby, my hair back in a messy ponytail, that I resolved to brush my hair daily) and some years are big (like last year when my husband and I resolved to have a home of our own by the end of the year and sure enough we moved to Texas and bought a house!)

This year I have a collection of goals I’ve been stewing over for months.  None of these are mind-blowingly huge, but if I am successful they will take me steps closer to the woman I hope to be.

This year my goals are organization, health, and service.

Organization is not my strong suit.  My heart is willing, I crave it even, but sometimes the body is lazy, the brain is tired, and I do live with three males who care very little for order.  There are three habits that I hope to establish this year.
1.  Do the dishes nightly.  It is easy for me once the kids are in bed to sit on the couch and declare myself off duty.  Doing the supper dishes after breakfast is not that big of a deal and has been a pretty good routine, but I can do better and I should do them before I go to sleep.
2.  Take 5 minutes a day for organizational time.  This’ll be a primarily paper-focused activity as the paper in my own reproduces behind my back.  I need to take time every day to deal with things instead of putting them in a pile to be taken care of later.  This’ll mean having the computer turned on and the recycling bin close.
3.  Weekly menu planning.  I’ve known for a long time I need to do this but I’ve had a pretty impressive list of excuses for not doing it.  This year I’m going to do it.  I’ve got some really amazing cookbooks, and there’s always pinterest if I’m spinning my wheels.  With karate and cub scouts (and hopefully my piano students!) my afternoons are too busy to throw supper together at the last minute.  In the cooler months I’d like to make soup weekly.

This isn’t a “lose 20 pounds” goal.  I’m over that tired and ignored aspiration.  My goal is health, both emotional and physical.  I believe that the organizational goals I have set will facilitate emotional health and I believe that attentive menu planning will also aim my family toward better health as I conscientiously plan balanced meals.  In addition to meal planning I am recommitting myself to regular exercise for myself and my family.
4.  Exercise at home with workout DVDs a minimum of three days a week.
5.  Once kids start at new school we will walk to and from school daily.
6.  Family activities will include more bike riding, more soccer at the park, and more walks through the nature preserve.

I believe that service will support my emotional health as well and it’s a habit I want well-instilled in my children before they hit adolescence.  It is my hope that as we focus more on the needs of others we will be less concerned with our own wants.  I want our family to look for how we can improve the world and the individual lives of those we meet.
7.  Starting monthly and working toward weekly, I’d like our family to participate in acts of service.  To support small acts as well we will add “how did you help someone today?” as one of our standard suppertime questions.

I’ve got some spiritual goals, too.  Habits I’d like to reestablish to maintain and enhance my relationship with God, but I tend to hold my spirituality close to my chest so I won’t be publishing them here.  Know this: I want to be better.

What about you?  What goals do you have for this year?


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