More Important Than A Shower

After I got dinner in the crockpot, breakfast cleaned up, and that phone call returned about tomorrow I told the boys I was going to have a shower. Midway through Blue came in (they never come in when I’m showering) and told me Red needed help. Oh no! I thought. What’s happened?

“Red needs help with the Burrow.” Blue explained. Only yesterday we had set up our Harry Potter lego sets.

I just stared at him. Is this happening? He’s interrupting my shower for this?

He stared back as though he expected me to hop out of the shower and fix the Lego before I even grab a towel. I explained that I’d help when I was dressed. Before I got out of the shower he had returned. “Red really needs help with the Burrow.”


“We accidentally broke it.”
“We accidentally kicked it.”
Makes perfect sense to me.

Now we know what happens when you kick a Lego house.


One Response to More Important Than A Shower

  1. mcinsane says:

    Count yourself lucky that they don’t interrupt your showers. For me, I almost always have at least one kid come in and ask me or tell me something ‘important’ and I’ve gotten really good at making them wait. I even get interrupted by the cat! Jeez!

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