The Happy Homeowner: What Is That Smell? (Part One)

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


I’m pretty sure our sellers high-fived each other when we asked for the fridge.  It wasn’t that we had fallen in love with the fridge, we just knew that after buying the house and the laundry appliances we didn’t think anyone would take imaginary money in exchange for our fridge but we didn’t think we’d have real money remaining.  We hadn’t inspected it closely but it looked modern and big and nicer than anything we’d be able to buy with our imaginary money.

When we moved in the fridge was empty except for a horrible smell.  We couldn’t identify the origin but every time someone opened the fridge door I could smell it in both the kitchen and the family room.  The water was tainted by the smell, too.  Was it because the electricity had been off during the weekend transition?  Was there something awry?

I wiped down the walls and shelves as best I could, but couldn’t pull the meat drawer out for a good soak because our fridge is so tight in the corner that the door doesn’t open up all the way allowing for the drawer to come out.  We discovered as I painted the kitchen that removing the fridge would have been a Herculean feat and that we had really done the sellers a favour by not forcing them to take it with them.

I did, eventually calm the smell.  I found some drips in the back of the freezer that may have been contributing.  Ultimately it was the Parsley Plus spray that killed the smell and gave me a fridge I could actually use.

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