The Happy Homeowner: Life With Squirrels

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


On the day of my eldest’s eighth birthday we were having a facetime visit with my mother when I heard what I believed to be a squirrel in our chimney.  (I’d heard similar noises once or twice before in the other chimney.)  She offered that perhaps the noise was one of the boys but with a quick scan with my phone I presented both quiet grandchildren beside me as we gathered at the hearth.  The noise was definitely coming from the chimney.

As we chatted and laughed and began to wind down the conversation I heard an unmistakable thunk.  I’ve never seen up a chimney but I knew immediately the little guy had fallen to a place where he would not be able to climb out.  Only moments later he came flying out the fireplace between the three of us still gathered at the hearth.  It was wild.  He was terrified and we were startled but it only took a couple of minutes for us to guide him toward the open door.  My quick-thinking mother even got a screen shot of the squirrel as he scampered out the door toward his big oak.  It was a very crazy couple of minutes and we still joke about when we got Red a pet squirrel for his birthday.

We have almost identified the point of entry and have not since had anyone come down the chimney except Santa Claus.  Unfortunately we believe he found another way into our home a couple of weeks later.

Tell us: have you ever been visited by the local wildlife?

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