Compassionate Care

There is no monopoly on correctness, none of us are without making mistakes. I know I will continue to make mistakes, I know I will continue to be wrong. If I must err, I hope that I err on the side of compassion. I’m surely not even consistent in my quest for compassion but I use it as my guide. Ultimately many of my political opinions can be boiled down to my desire for compassion.

I do not believe that health is for the wealthy only. I could elaborate my thoughts on this but all half a dozen of you who read this already know how I feel. Will there be people who abuse the system? Yes. There will always be someone looking for a free ride. I would prefer to have my conscience clear, knowing I helped, than worry about making judgements about the intentions of others. I cannot see in their souls. I do not know what demons they are fighting. I only know that they can’t improve their situation without nutrition and health. I know that where there are some who are taking advantage there are so many others who truly need assistance. I won’t shun them because of the mistakes of others. I want to err on the side of compassion.

I believe that it is my duty to act as an agent for Christ and to show love to all. I know from my own experiences that it is hard to stand up and take responsibility for life when the basic needs are not met. I’ve been on the receiving end of aid and it is humbling, it is excrutiating, and more than once I felt the crushing beat of depression telling me I’d never be able to take care of myself without help again. Dependency is real but winning the fight does not include blame or abandonment. We do not fix our national problems of poverty and inadequate healthcare by blaming those who are stricken for not trying hard enough. We fix it with supportive, loving action. We fix it by seeing others the way Christ does. We fix it by getting over ourselves, our own egos, and our own ambitions.

There is no room for ego in war. Be ye not mistaken: there is indeed a war. The question you must ask your quiet soul is whether you are fighting your brothers and sisters, or fighting the situations that keep them down. As for me, I hope I’m always fighting with my brothers and sisters, and not against them. And when I am wrong, I hope I am on the compassionate side.



6 Responses to Compassionate Care

  1. Lisa says:

    I couldn’t agree more – on a personal level. Would that I could some day be accused of being too compassionate to everyone I meet, including those who differ from me in every conceivable way.

    Where our opinions may not line up is in what role government should play, and to what degree. I honestly don’t know. I definitely have thoughts on the subject, and arguments for and against all those thoughts.

    I like reading the opinions of those who make me think, and yours do that.

    And I miss you.

  2. Karen says:

    I had a whole huge comment typed out, but I ultimately erased it. I’m not sure my comments have relevance here, because I don’t have any experience of the American health care system or a way of life that zealously advocates self-sufficiency as a virtue. (I mean, self-sufficiency IS a desirable state of being, but preaching it as a virtue tends to set up its opposite as a vice, and that is just simply not the case in my way of looking at the world.)

  3. Gretta says:

    Love this! But we all know where I stand…. Crazy socialist, I am!

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