Sick Days

I am so predictable when it comes to illness. We are sick so rarely that when we do catch whatever’s going along I accept it easily. It’s our turn after all. Besides, how are our immune systems supposed to get stronger if they aren’t exercised? Like exercise, I may not like it but I know it’s good for me. (Also like exercise I know it’ll likely not last long before something changes.)

For a cold virus to run full course in my body take ten days to two weeks, although I think every time that I can speed the cycle by doing everything “right.” I welcome the virus with fatalistic stoicism and consider the silver linings that include movies, naps, and lots of steamy tea.

Like clockwork, at the one week mark when my sinuses and chest have been taken over by the viral squatters I’m much less patient. But I was so good at taking it easy! I was so good at slowing down! How did that not earn me some goodwill? Where is my early eviction notice?

And more importantly: when will this eeeeennnnnnnnnnndddd? (Obviously, if I’ve been tolerably ill for a week it means I’ll be terminally ill for ever.)

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