First Facial

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not much for pampering myself. I never tan, I’ve never had a mani or a pedi, I’ve never waxed anything anywhere; I get my hair cut no more frequently than once a year in a friend’s kitchen, and I take care of all my skin and massage needs myself.

But today I had a facial and now I completely understand how pampering is an industry. It was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again.


2 Responses to First Facial

  1. feathersky says:

    oooooo, fancy! 😀 I’ve never had any of that either–except for a massage. The chiropractor we went to after the car wreck had a lady that worked there that did massage as part of the chiropractic visit. I’m tellin ya, that was AWESOME to have for the entire last 10 weeks of pregnancy!!! I’m kinda missing it a little (BUT, not missing the car wreck that justified it last time lol!!!)

  2. Alyson says:

    I won a pumpkin wrap back in october. I literally fell asleep on the table and woke myself when I started snoring. Best sleep I have had in a long time. That was a free one, I am still trying to figure out a way to justify spend $175 just so I can do it again.

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