New city new germs, eh?

During our summer in the apartment I was struck at least twice with intense fatigue, I can only assume it was my body recovering from the madness of the move. I also had that little bit about extracting my wisdom tooth.

Since moving into the house I have had quite a variety of ailments. I have had gastro every month we’ve been in the house save only February which is only midway anyway so I guess there’s still time. :/ I caught a fantastic cold in January, knocking me out for two whole weeks, which I can clearly tie to my volunteer time at school. Unfortunately I don’t mind my diet when I’m unwell and shortly after recovering from the cold I allowed the boys to choose our weekend food without any interference from me and I suffered from a gall bladder attack.

In retrospect I can say that I had two previous in fairly close succession five years ago, and that I also had minor blips (the twinges that radiate to the back and feel like a tight muscle you just can’t stretch out) that were familiar companions in my adolescence. This time, however, with the information that both my younger sister and mother have already had their gall bladders removed, and frustrated that days after the attack I was still taking pain killers, I went to the doctor. By the time the results of my blood work and three-way ultrasound came back I was finally pain free and moving again, and could clearly think about my situation.

I deeply desire to retain all my original body parts (except for that wisdom tooth) and it looks like I will be able to do so for the time being. Of course with my first non-uterine ultrasound we saw things we’ve never seen before, and as a result there will be follow up appointments, but I remain optimistic. With some hard work and some vitamin D pills I’ll be perfectly normal soon.

Fingers crossed. There’s only so much camping out in the couch I can endure.


4 Responses to Schmealth

  1. Karen says:

    If fatigue is a problem, B-vitamins and Iron can help. Sorry to hear you have gall bladder issues, but it sounds like you are being well looked after.

  2. feathersky says:

    I hope you feel 100% again soon!

  3. mcinsane says:

    None of that sounds like any fun! I’m so sorry!! Yet, you still remain positive every time I talk to you. You are amazing!

  4. Alyson says:

    I had my gall bladder out in 2002. After multiple attacks (coinciding with shortly after the delivery of my children) and floating stones threatening to make their way to my pancreas, I decided it was best. If there was diet stuff that I knew about I would have tried it, but then again maybe not. Even eating lettuce would send my digestive system in to a tizzy. Anyway I wish you well. Gall bladder pain is useless pain and wouldn’t wish it on anyone. If you succeed in being able to prevent from diet, that will be awesome. I was down for 3 days (of the best sleep I had had in years). I was walking around but didn’t lift anything for another week. Recovery was actually quite quick compared to when my dad had his out. He was down for 6 weeks.

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