Quitting is Not Giving Up

Today we submitted our 30-day notice of cancellation of our karate contract. By the time we are done we will have been with this school for a week shy of a year, and that is certainly not how I anticipated this to be.

But it’s expensive. I need that money for a million other things. We really should have quit months ago but I kept hoping things would get better. I expected the quality to improve, I expected our finances to work out not get worse, I expected the kids to start liking it again. None of that happened. It’s going to kill me to watch that final payment come out of my account but that’s just the way things go.

It served it’s purpose. While the boys were enjoying it, it helped them through two moves and our first summer without our beloved friends and museums. It was good and we are grateful.

I still believe in the practice of martial arts. I am not giving up on martial arts for our family, but my boys are young and my time and finances have bigger priorities right now. It’s time to quit.


2 Responses to Quitting is Not Giving Up

  1. feathersky says:

    We were kinda at the same place with Jenacy’s ballet last year. She would love to keep going…but it was really expensive and it kinda felt like we were just paying for playgroup instead of having her actually learning ballet. Time and money had to go to other places. Gotta do what you gotta do!

  2. Andrea Fewkesingworths says:

    The expense is really a lot considering how much time they actually spend there. The only way we finally got jack into Judo was that it costs so little at our YMCA and each family member can take up to 3 classes. It’s not as structured or as nice a facility as other places, but its great because he is actually in a class. (As opposed to me not willing to pay crazy amounts).
    One of my YW asked me what makes being an adult so expensive, she stopped me after she realized my list of necessary expenses was not going to end very quickly. (Embarrassing side note, while typing that sentence I could not remember how to spell necessary. I blame pregnancy, but I’m pretty sure I’m just horrible at spelling)

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