First Houseguests

Saturday night, 7:55, the plane was supposed to land but they got a late start so I arrived at the airport half an hour later.

Saturday night, 9:10, the airport is a dead zone so I leave the classical radio if my car and watch the arrivals board at the baggage claim readjust the times ahead another couple of hours.

Saturday night, 9:45, I am back at home and Liz texts me from OKC where the plane stopped to refuel and wait out the storm. The drive home had been hairy, reminiscent of the storm we chased when we moved here a year ago.

Sunday morning, 12:30, the plane finally lands. Staff work hard to meet the needs of all the diverted planes now arriving. I greet my parents, crack Texas weather jokes, and bring them home.

Sunday morning, 2:00 we climb into bed, but as it is somehow Daylight Savings it is actually 3:00.

Sunday I was so excited Dad and Liz were here I didn’t even notice how tired I was all day.


One Response to First Houseguests

  1. feathersky says:

    hehehe, being married to a pilot, I just assume he’s going to be 3 hours later than expected, regardless of the weather 😉

    I’m glad your family eventually made it into town!

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